The Christmas Experience

The holiday season is one for gathering, making memories, and sharing moments. For many families, getting bundled up, heading out to a local farm, and cutting down a fresh tree is part of their tradition. There is nothing quite like the scent of a fir tree to stir up memories of past holidays and bring the Christmas season to life. With this in mind, the Fast family have designed a unique, small-scale, family-centered Christmas Experience which allows people to create new traditions for their family.

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November 26-27
December 3-4

December 10-11


Our Christmas Experience includes:

  • One u-cut / fresh cut / rented tree

  • Trolley rides for the family (up to a maximum of 6 people)

  • Hot chocolate at Charlie’s Chocolate Factory

  • Entrance to St. Nic’s Toy Shop

  • Access to the various Christmas displays on the property

  • Souvenir ornament designed and made by Jonathan

We recognize that there are people who love their artificial tree, but who might also want to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and space available on a Christmas tree farm. There is also an option for you!

CE 4

Tree Selection Options


Douglas & “Charlie Brown” Douglas Firs


Subalpine Fir (6’-12’),
Fraser & Canaan


3’ to 6’ Noble Firs


Tree Types


Growing naturally in the alpine forests in B.C., subalpine fir trees have distinctive long, narrow crowns of short stiff branches. Natural spacing between the branches creates a perfect opportunity for your ornaments to shine! Their blue-green needles have blunt ends, point upwards, and like Nobles and Frasers remain fixed on the tree for a longer period of time


The Canaan fir is the beefier version of the Fraser. It has similar characteristics to the Fraser, but has a stronger scent, higher branch density, and stronger limbs, making it the perfect choice for families who LOVE ornaments. 


The Fraser fir is known for its needle retention and its silver-blue colour. This fir tree doesn’t have a strong fir smell, tends to grow quite tall and narrow, and has short needles that maintain their colour and remain fixed to the tree for a long time after it has been cut. 


Delivery & Pick Up Details

If unable to transport, please note the following delivery/pick-up costs & dates:


Delivery: Tuesday, Dec. 13th (evening)


Pick-up: Friday, Dec. 30th (time TBA) 


Langley Township / City – $30

Surrey – $40

Other – $50 (West of Surrey)


We look forward to welcoming your family.