Frequently Asked Questions

How many family members can come for one Experience?

Our trolley holds 6 people so that is the maximum allowance for each booking slot of the Experience. If more than one tree is needed, additional slots must be booked.

Why are you only open on weekends

Jon and Cynthia are both full-time teachers.  They are so excited to share their magical space with others but only can do so with limited times on the weekend. 

Why do you offer rental trees?

For some people, space and strata rules can inhibit their ability to have larger u-cut/fresh cut  trees. By keeping the fir trees smaller and in pots, you can enjoy the smell and feeling of Christmas. (Please check your strata rules before committing. A potted tree should qualify as a potted plant under most strata rules.)

Why are the delivery/pick-up dates for the rental trees limited?

Live trees like to be outdoors. If you opt for a rental tree, additional information will be provided about how to best care for them. 

How do I get my rental tree deposit back?

Once the rental tree has been picked up or delivered back to the farm, we will assess its condition. If it’s still in good shape, then we will return your deposit, in cash.

What if I have a tree already, can I still come to the farm?

Absolutely! We recognize that people like specific types of trees and that we might not have what you’re looking for. We also know that many people prefer artificial trees. For those reasons, we have created an Experience option just for you.

What will be available for purchase at St. Nic’s Toy Shop?

Follow our Instagram @redtreesfarm for sneak previews of all the artisan and unique products and Christmas treats that will be available for purchase in the workshop.

Please keep an eye on our social media pages. 

What if I we are unable to keep or would like to cancel our scheduled appointment?

You can cancel using the link provided in your emailed verification.  Alternatively you can call Jon  at 604-816-4044 as soon as possible.

Can I bring my dog to the experience?

We love furry family members; however, for the sake of comfort of all our guests, we ask that you leave your dog at home. 

We look forward to welcoming your family.